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All bases are welcomed! :)
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samantha L. C.
United States
This is me on 12/20/13

Look at the stoned look on my face!

Now about me!

Playing Video games
Watching tv

(I am a boring person what can I say?)

People telling me my art sucks (I know it does don't tell me what I already know!)
Rap that cusses every other word (Some rap is fine, but I hate a song where they cuss because they feel like it.)
Rereading my stories (They are all crap!)
People in roleplays who control the roleplays, or try to kill my characters without their permission.
Stupid people
Annoying people
Little kids
movies/books that don't make any sense.

(Okay, so dislike a lot of things but my likes outweigh them)

Dolling (Only if I am really in the mood for it though)
My cat!
Fluffy things like animals and stuffed animals!
Country, Rock, pop, hip hop, classics, ect.
Movies and shows for people with low mentality :B
I know I said animals, but I have a love for wolves and wolf packs, and I enjoy roleplays from a wolvs perspective.
Weather (Good or bad I enjoy warm weather, and looking at storm clouds or bad weather.)
video games!
LARPING! (lol sad but true)
Making new friends
Potatos (Die potato!)

websites I am on:
youtube- onedirectionloverr36
photobucket-animes_Princess_11 (I was 11 don't judge me!) Breakingdawn36 (Meh, not much anymore but once in a while)
Rescreatu- Fantasyfreak3624 (Once in a while. Not as much anymore either.)
Wajas- Breakingdawn36 (Alot)
Chickensmoothie- Breakingdawn36- (A lot!)
Howrse- supernatural777 (Once in a while. More than Dogzer.)

Thats all I can think of.

Oh but I have a facebook and a skype but I only give those away to close people.

Where I live:
A state in the united states! That's all your getting.
My name:
Samantha! Thats also all your getting

Fun facts about me:
A LOT of my family is on here! (Love you guys!)
I have 4 piercings.
I have died my hair a few times in the past
I want to dye my hair purple!
I am 5'5!
I am 17! (As of nov.27th that is.)
I am fat! (150 lbs so not really but according to a thing i saw I should be around 138.2 so I'm fat!)
I am lazy! (Hence my 150 lbs!)
I am single! (Wait, why would you want to know that?)
I am a junior in highschool (I am not a smary pants)
Die potato!
My cousin is a potato. (not really)
I am getting off topic! (Hooray!)
I enjoy creating characters for roleplays, but I don't always want to do anything with them. So if you want me to make one for you ask me! Mwahahahahahahaha

You wasted your time on my life D:

Now for my family:
Mother: mysticaldragon11 (Unless you like her stuff leave her alone! I don't want all my friends friending her just because she's my mom.)
Brother: Scififreak4 (The username might be wrong, but I don't care)
cousins: sakuraisdeidarasgirl (We are alike in a lot of ways so just know we have a lot of the same interests.)
DarketernalShadows (She has enough friends leave her alone)
Aunt: Clownfreak88 (.... I don't know what to say.......)
I am sort of tired of my DA account. I have not come on in a very long time. So, I think I am going to try instead of abandoning it, to change it up. I am going to start reorganizing things, and updating things. I will try to get more of my Enter the Dragon story up, which I have that story completed but I just need to put them up now.

Another thing I want to say, I think I am done with Dolling. I might do one for fun once in a blue moon, but I think I am done with dolling and bases. I am going to try to draw everything by hand. But I will not be leaving the anime style, just bases. So I am sorry if you want to do a collab or something. I would do one drawing wise, but not by bases.

I also think I am done roleplaying temporarily. I don't know what I want to roleplay anymore. .-. So, you may see some changes soon.

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Bellylover200 Jan 20, 2014  Student Artist
:poke; hey
SakuraIsDeidarasGirl Nov 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
*beats head repeatedly against the wall* WHAT KIND OF COUSIN AM I?!!!!!

:party::iconballoonsplz::cake: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH~! :party::iconballoonsplz::cake: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :iconifeelfluffyplz::iconpurpleheartplz:
Bellylover200 Jul 26, 2013  Student Artist
why no on D:
your welcome! It was cute!
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