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Olympus has fallen~ Chapter 2


      Maggie backed up as the two teenaged boys stood in front of her.
“Hey, it’s okay. We aren’t going to hurt you.” One of them said. Maggie panicked. She spun around and ran.
“Ares!” She yelled. One of the boys sighed the other laughed.
“This is not funny.” He told the other boy. He finally took off after her leaving the other boy standing and watching. He wrapped his arms around her once he caught up to her and stopped her from running.
“Ares help me!” She yelled.
“Will you quit that. You are going to get us killed! Ares isn’t here and he won’t be. He is most likely dead!” He yelled. She finally stopped fighting. He let her go and she spun towards him.
“And how do you know that?” She asked.
“Well come with me and I can explain but not here.”

      He said. She tried to run again. He sighed, picked up a brick off the sidewalk, and hit her on the head making her fall unconscious. The other boy walked over to her.
“Because this doesn’t look like kidnap.” He said.
“It is kidnap now help me pick her up and carry her back.” He said. They both picked up Maggie and brought her underground. Maggie woke up on a soft bed in a strange room. She sat up and instantly panicked seeing the same boys in front of her.
“Where is Ares?” She asked.
“Dead!” One boy yelled. The other spun towards him.
“He is not dead.”
“you’re in denial.” He said.
“I am not! We have no proof that he is dead!”
“We have no proof he is alive. Ares is most likely dead.”
“Then so is Vulcan.”
“You have a cold heart.”
“Do not.”
“Do too.”

      Maggie finally got tired of their bickering.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“I am Trey, son of Vulcan. I am a Demigod, in other words half god half mortal. This here is my cousin Paxton, son of Ares and also a Demigod.” Trey said.
“Believe what you want trey, my father is not dead.” Paxton said. Trey rolled his eyes.
“Vulcan made this place underground to protect people like you. Mortals carrying a god. We as demigods were brought together to protect you guys. We got word from Paxton that Ares had vanished. Paxton has been helping us find and gather the people Ares was watching over. Three days after Ares disappeared so did Vulcan. We are on our own now, but we both know what we are doing.” Trey said.
“We couldn’t even get a hold of Cupid. We wonder if the gods found them.” Paxton said.
“And you screaming Ares name while running down the street will definitely draw attention to us. We wont be able to leave for a few days.” Trey said. Paxton sighed.
“We haven’t gotten Agniss yet. She is important because she is carrying the Leotards. They are some of the best warriors. We need them.” Paxton insisted.
“I know, but it’s too dangerous.”
“If she dies Apollo and Artemis will never come back.” Paxton said.
“I know, but we have to risk it. Just don’t do anything stupid Pax.” Trey said. Paxton sighed again.
“Whatever.” He said walking away.
“Sorry about him he is very temperamental at times.” Trey said.
“So, I’m not the only one here who is carrying a god?” Maggie asked.
“Nope. This place is full of women saved from their bad lives and brought here to serve a better purpose or some crap like that.” He said. Maggie laughed.
“Yeah my father preached that a lot while here.” He said shaking his head.
“Well it’s about us now.” He said.
“So, as demogods, where do you stand in this war?” She asked. He shrugged.
“It all depends on Athena and weather or not we are needed by her or not. They say by fourteen she should have all her powers back and her memories.” He said. Maggie sighed.
“So I have fourteen years before my baby decides she is going into battle?” She asked.
“Yes. Trust me you aren’t the only one who is having issues accepting this. But the gods wont be born as gods. They will be mostly mortal and will need all of us to help them survive. They also need taught right and wrong again.” He said.
“So why did ares keep his people above ground and Vulcan kept his below ground?” She asked.
“Vulcan and Ares don’t get along. Vulcan offered for Ares to come here too but he refused. Ares can’t stand to be around Vulcan because Vulcan hates Ares so bad. Ares decided it would be safer to keep everyone in their normal lives to blend in easier but once he disappeared you guys were no longer cloaked. So now the other gods can find you. Vulcan forged charms with cloaking powers down here and placed them all over so we are still cloaked even if he isn’t here.” He said.
“But in the stories, Ares and Vulcan are brothers.” Maggie said.
“They are. But they both fell in love with Aphrodite who is married to Vulcan. Cupid, who is Aphrodite’s son, is not Vulcan’s son, but Ares son. That’s why Vulcan hates Ares. He betrayed him by sleeping with Vulcans wife.” He said.
“But you exist and you aren’t Aphrodites.” She said.
“Yes, but I was created for war. There was no love between my mother and father. My mother hardly knew what happened. My father had me trained to fight my whole life and now Paxton and I are training the other Demigods who are here.” He said.

      A young girl probably only twelve came running into the room.
“Trey, come quick. Paxton is injured, and so is the girl he brought back.” She said. Trey shook his head.
“Why doesn’t he ever listen to me?”

      He asked while following the girl. Maggie followed as well. Once they got to the other room, she saw a girl that was about six or seven months pregnant who was on the ground bleeding. She was unconscious. Paxton was next to her awake, but there was a wooden stake through his shoulder and he was bleeding. He practically collapsed on Trey.
“I’m sorry Trey, but I had to do it. I had to get her out of there.” He said almost unconscious.
“Just hang in there cousin.” He said.
“Get them to the infirmary.”

      People from all around began to rush to get them to another room. Later on, Maggie was in her room. Trey came in.
“how are you liking it here?” He asked. She looked at him.
“I haven’t even been here a day and two people almost died.” She said.
“I know. but the good thing is they didn’t. Okay well so far they didn’t.” He said.
“Was that Agnis?” She asked.
“Yes. She isn’t doing well and they are considering trying to take the babies early or not. Paxton is right. The leotards are needed for this war, and we can’t risk them dying.” He said.
“Who were the Leotards?” She asked.
“They are the children of Zeus and Leto. Artemis is known as the great huntress and Apollo is known for his Archery. They were never liked by Zeus’s wife Hera, but they survived her wrath and even became part of the Olympians.” He said.
“So they are Vulcan and Ares’ brother and sister?” She asked.
“Yes.” He said.
“What about Agnis? Will she live?” She asked.
“They don’t think so, but we are hoping she will. It would be nice if she did, but sadly the best that could happen to her would be that she went into a coma. We know she wont wake up, but we are just hoping she can hold un for a few more months and then we can let her go.” He said.
“So this is what war is like.” Maggie said.
“Yes it is.” He said.
“What about Paxton?” She asked.
“I don’t know. The steak wasn’t in a vital spot but it went all the way through him. He was lucky he was only attacked by a Demigod. An actual god would have made sure he was dead.” He said.
“So, what’s the rest of this place like?” Maggie asked trying to change the subject.
“Follow me. I’ll show you.” He said. She stood to her feet and followed him. They went downstairs to an open room with tables and chairs everywhere.
“This is like our all day cafeteria. We get food donations anywhere we can and we give it away here.” He said.

      There were people all over sitting around chatting, and just hanging out.
“If you see any males here or any females who aren’t pregnant, then they are demigods.” He said.
“That’s a lot of Demigods.” She said.
“It is, but that’s a good thing. They know their place is here, so that’s why they are here.” He said. He led her over to a group of girls. It was obvious they were all humans by the fact that they were all pregnant.
“Here, I’m sure you can make friends with these three. They are friendly.” He said walking away. She sat down nervously by them.
“Hello! My name is Clara. This is Clover, and this is Missy.” Clara said. Maggie smiled.
“I’m Maggie. Where is Trey going?” She asked.
“Probably to check on Paxton. Those two grew up together from what I heard. They never leave each others side for the most part.” Clover said.
“Trey usually doesn’t hang out with us as much as he hangs around you, I wonder why?”

      Missy asked. Maggie was younger than these three. Clover seemed around nineteen, while Clara and Missy seemed more around twenty or twenty one.
“So, who is your baby going to be?” Missy asked. Maggie looked for a moment. “Athena.” She said.
“Ah, so you’ve got the protégé baby.” Clara said.
“Yes, for some reason that’s what Athena’s being called right now. Though Vulcan seemed to hover around Clara a lot when he was here.
“That’s because mine is Aphrodite. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her obviously.” Clara said a bit conceded sounding.
“Well Clover has the devil baby.” Missy said. Clover shot a glare at missy.
“Persephone is no devil. She may have been married to Hades at one point but it was not by choice.” She said.
“Well mine is Eos.” Missy said.
“Who’s Eos.” Maggie asked.
“You know, the goddess of the Dawn?” She asked.

      Maggie didn’t say anything else even though she didn’t know who Eos was. After some time, Trey came back.
“Sorry about that, I had to see how Paxton was. Want to see the rest of the building?” He asked.
She said sort of relieved to get away from the strange new people she just met. They left the cafeteria and came into a smaller room with couches and chairs and several tv’s.
“This is the living room. Sort of. It’s close enough and some people enjoy it.” Trey said. They walked from there into a massive room.

      Maggie gasped in awe as she saw several Demigods sparring against each other.
“Here is the training room. You wont ever need to come here for any reason, but Paxton and I will be here often.” He said.
Some people greeted Trey as he walked by them. He greeted them back. They walked to another room and Maggie was confused. It was another cafeteria and many, many more women filled it.
“Why are there two cafeterias?” Maggie asked.
“To separate the women pregnant with gods and demigods. These women will have demigods who will train as soon as they are old enough for war. They may not be able to do as much as the gods but they can still help.” He said.
“Why separate them?” She asked.
“Because, if we get attacked, the gods can be saved first. It’s messed up but my father did it that way for a reason. Demigods can always be created. Gods can’t.” He said.
“That’s terrible.” Maggie said.
“Yeah, but gods don’t always have morals during war.” He said. They walked into another room that was full of empty beds.
“What’s this for?” Maggie asked.
“Delivery. We have another one next to the infirmary on the other side of the building.” He said.
“So Clara said you don’t usually do stuff like this with other people. Why are you spending the time to show me?” Maggie asked. Trey looked at her for a moment.
“There’s nothing to do right now until Paxton is better.” He said.
“Oh. Okay.” Maggie said.

      They eventually took a hallway that lead back to the other side of the building. Maggie went back upstairs where the bedrooms were. Trey led her back to her room.
“Try to get a good night sleep. Tomorrow you will start parenting classes.” Trey said. Maggie nodded.
“Okay.” She said. After lying awake for a while, she finally fell asleep.
Olympus has fallen Chapter 2
Here is chapter 2. I think it's better than chapter 1 but that's my opinion. And if you guys have any suggestions for something to happen maybe just tell me even though I have an idea of what may happen next, your suggestions could always change it. 

Olympus has fallen~Chapter 1~  

Let the Plan begin

      The ground of Olympus shook violently as a crater formed in the ground. Mythical beasts roamed the area warring with each other and the other gods. Blasts of power flew from one god to another. Ares ran through Olympus to the palace that was beginning to crumble. He ran through the massive doors and into the building evading a blazing ball of fire that flew past his head. He came as soon as he felt his fathers sorrow. He finally made it. He stopped in his tracks. Zeus, his beloved father was on his knees with none other than Athena’s lifeless body in his arms.

      Athena was Zeus’s pride and joy, and now she was dead just like the Leotards. Ares hit his knees beside his father and his dead sister.  
“Ares, I can’t do this without her.” He said.
“Father you must. Olympus needs you.” Ares insisted.
“Olympus is gone. This war has already been lost.” Zeus said.
“Don’t say that. There is still hope.” Ares said. Zeus looked up at his son.
“Ares, Athena was our best general. Who will lead them now? Hades has won. Poseidon has already fled Olympus. There is no hope.” He said.
“But there is. Remember what we talked about a few years ago? Our fallen aren’t lost forever. There is a way to bring them back to us.” Ares said.
“It was only a theory. We don’t know if it will actually work. We would have to gather DNA of each lost soul and find a way to put them into a human child.” Zeus said. Ares nodded.
“We have to try or Olympus will belong to Hades forever.” He said. Zeus nodded.
“Find Vulcan, and do what you must. Don’t let this be the end Ares.” Zeus said. Ares nodded.
“Yes father.”

      Ares stood to his feet and headed out of the palace. Now he just had to find the brother of his who hated him the most, Vulcan. Finally, Vulcan came into sight, but so did something else, Aphrodite letting out her last breath. He ran to their side. Vulcan looked up. He was one of their toughest gods, but even now he cried.
“Ares, protect cupid. Aphrodite died for him. Don’t let it be in vein.” He said. Ares looked at Vulcan.
“Stay here so I can find you again. Father has a task for us, and I need your help Vulcan. This will not be the last you see of Aphrodite if I can help it.” He said. Vulcan just nodded.

      After helping Cupid battle one of Hades Cyclops’s, Ares and cupid returned to Vulcan’s side. Cupid couldn't hold himself together, and broke down at the sight of his dead mother. Ares pulled him to his feet again hugging him.
“Cupid, we need to go. Aphrodite would want you to be safe.” Ares said. Cupid looked at Ares.
“Will I ever see her again?” He asked.
“With any luck you will my son.” Ares said. Vulcan shot Ares a deadly look while setting down the body of his wife. Ares sighed looking at Vulcan.
“Now is not the time to hate me over the past. You need to collect the DNA samples of every one of our fallen even if they turned to Hades side before they fell.” He said. Vulcan contemplated the thought for a moment before getting up and doing as he was told.
“Meet me on the St. Louis great arch on earth when you are done. I will explain everything.” He said. Vulcan nodded and then went on his way.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Maggie walked through the doors of her house cautiously. She could hear her parents fighting in the other room. Her father was drunk again. Her older brother moved out as soon as he could, and she and her mother were trapped there with an angry drunk. She slipped upstairs unseen and closed the door locking it. She laid face down on her face and buried her face in her pillow crying. She lost all her friends after her father became this way. She became withdrawn to the world.

      She finally sat up. She closed her eyes and preyed to anyone who would listen. “Please, any life has to be better than this one. Please take me from here.” She whispered. She heard a noise and opened her eyes. Her eyes widened as she saw a man standing in her room.
“So you are willing to do anything for a better life?” He asked.
“Are you god?” She asked. He laughed.
“No. I’m a god, the god of war to be exact.” He said. She glanced at her book of mythology and back at him.
“Your….. your Ares?” She asked.
“So you’ve read about me.” He said.
“Wait, are you Ares, or Mars?” She asked.
“Both. Most of us have two names.” He said.
“Why are you here?” She asked.
“Because you called. You want a better life, I can’t give you one, but I can give your life meaning.” He said. Maggie’s eyes glimmered with the idea of having meaning in her life.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes, but you may not want to do what I need you to. I won’t make you if you don’t want to.” He said.
“What is it?” She asked.
“You see Maggie, Olympus has been taken over by Hades. Many, many of the gods have fallen. So we are bringing them back by having them be reborn from mortals.” He said.
“So if I agree, I will carry a baby and give birth to a god?” She asked. Ares smiled.
“It sounds weird when you put it that way, but yes. You have to be willing though or we won’t do it.” He said. She nodded.
“Yes. I will do it if it helps the gods.” She said quietly.
“Don’t worry about your father, I will be watching over you. He wont hurt you if he wanted to as long as I’m around.” He said. She nodded.
“Okay.” She said. “Also, if you accept, that means you will be responsible to raise this baby and take care of it until it’s old enough to begin training. You won’t have to be separated until it’s an adult though. The baby will begin to gain bits of their power back the older they get, and will eventually get back their memories.” He said. Maggie nodded.
“And if anyone asks, don’t ever tell them your baby is a god. They won’t believe you, but the other gods who are still hunting us will and they will most likely try to kill you.” He said. Her eyes widened.
“I will give you a while to consider it. Know your life will be in danger, but you will be helping us a lot.” He said.

      Then he was gone. She looked around shocked trying to figure out what just happened. After several days, Ares returned. Maggie was in her room when she heard a noise and turned around.
“Have you considered my offer?” He asked. She turned towards him.
“Yes. And I accept. I want to help you, and have meaning to my life.” She said. He smiled.
“Then Maggie, you will be taking on a very special child. Zeus’s most prized.” He put his hand in the air palm facing her, and with a vile of DNA in the other hand, a bright light appeared and vanished. It reappeared in her stomach and then disappeared.
“Her name is Athena, and she is one of the Olympians. Love her and take care of my sister.” He said.

      Maggie looked at her stomach and then back at him wide eyed.
“I-I will.” She said. “Athena is the key to this war. She will someday lead the rest of the reborn gods into battle against the gods who took Olympus. I will be watching over you especially.” He said. Maggie nodded. Ares vanished.

      After that, Maggie could tell Ares was looking out for her. Any time her father tried to hit her, he would feel excruciating pain in his arm until he had to stop. He began to blame her for it but she didn’t mind. The first three months were uneventful for her besides the symptoms of being pregnant. Her mother started to notice but never said anything. Maggie walked out of her room and to the living room. Her father began to have moments of anger and rage when he saw her because he could never hurt her.

      This time however, he came at her, and he didn't stop. Maggie felt shocked when he hit her and she landed on the floor. Mentally, she called Ares, but there was no response. Her father was close to hitting her again when she threw her hand in the air. He was tossed to the other side of the room without her touching him. She panicked not sure how that was possible. She stumbled to her feet and ran for the door.
“Freak!” Her father yelled. She ran out of the house in a panic.

      She stumbled down the street trying to find a place to hide. Once she found a good ally way, she sat down to rest breathing hard, and trying to catch her breath. She sat there so long she fell asleep. She woke in the middle of the night realizing how long she slept. She stood to her feet and ran out of the Ally way. She called for Ares one last time, but there was no response. She ran down the sidewalk away from her house further.

      She ran around the corner, and stopped when she saw two teenage boys around her age. They both looked at her. One pointed, and the other nodded. They both came her way and she ran the other direction. All that went through her mind was that she had been found by a god or something somehow and that she would die soon. She ran down the street but it did her no good. The boys cut her off through the ally way, and she stopped face to face with them. They were quick and she knew she would have no escape.
Olympus has fallen-Chapter 1
I'd like to first say that the story line is not real mythology just what I made up. However, the gods are from mythology. As for there relations, there were several variations in who was related to who so I picked whichever variation I thought would make the story better. 

In case I confused anyone, let me explain the situation between Ares and Vulcan. So Vulcan is married to aphrodite. In many variations, Ares is married to Aphrodite, but in one it said that She was married to Vulcan but ares was her favorite lover. that's what I went off of. As for Cupid, I looked to see who his father was. there were 4 possibilities but none were vulcan and Ares was on the list instead so I chose Ares for my story. It adds more drama between Vulcan and Ares, so it worked.

To be honest, I love mythology a lot. I even have 2 mythology books and that is where I look for information besides the internet of course. I've seen movies based on mythology as well so they help me learn as well about mythology. If you have any suggestions please tell me!


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