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I just want a fresh start so I am moving accounts. I will not deactivate this one, I am just leaving it pretty much. If you really want to be my friends still, go ahead and watch my new account but if you really don't care or you are watching me because you feel bad for not talking to me, and you don't talk to me or pay any attention to my art, please, don't watch me. I only want watchers who actually want to see my art and actually want to talk to me.

Edit: I forgot to mention, if I add you with my new account, that means I actually took the time, sought you out, and added you. that means I like you enough to take that time. If I haven't added you, it's either because we don't talk or I haven't gotten to it right away. I will add people in time, but feel free to add me as long as it's not because you plan to talk to me but you probably never will.

What will you see in my new account?
I will be posting my original story Enter the dragon. It is complete with 41 chapters all 3-4 pages long each and has a prologue and an epilogue. I will be posting anime style pictures either drawn by hand or done on a base, of my characters from my story. When I am done posting the story, (Either weekly intervals or just however many I want to post and whenever I have time or the want to post them.) I will try my best to update weekly if that means I add four chapters in one week , or one chapter in one week. It all depends on what mood i'm in and if I am willing to take the time to do all the HTML for it.

I will be posting random Dolls (Digital art on bases) and dolls of my oc's from naruto, soul eater, and whatever other anime I create oc's for.

I will probably be writing more stories other than my Enter the Dragon story. If you like my story, feel free to tell me and look forward to more of my supernatural style stories in the future. (Oh and I can get really immature sometimes and feel the need to roleplay as wolves, dogs cats, and I sometimes but rarely start writing a story about those.)

I enjoy:
Digital art
Traditional art
Sculpting (I don't have access to it though)

Here is my new account:
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Forest of Secrets Chapter 7

Lost and Loved

      Many ghostly sounding howls filled the night. The spirit wolves called for their final pack. There was no answer. They called again and again, but there was still no answer, and there would be no answer. They finally gave up after some time, and the four packs slunk back into the den disappointed. The next morning, the packs were out and about. Many wolves were sent off hunting. They made sure that each hunting party had at least one wolf from each pack. This was there way of making them get to know each other better, and unite all packs.
      Roth padded back and fourth angrily. “The pack should have been here suns ago. Something is surely wrong.” He growled. Wrath nodded. “Yes there is most likely something wrong, but to go looking for them would not be wise.” He said. “Perhaps they were held up, and they will be here just later than expected.” Said Dream, alpha female of the fourth pack. Lialis stood and stretched. “Either way we need to prepare as if they will never come.” He said. They all nodded in agreement. Sorra lay quietly off to the side. She trusted Roths judgment and hardly ever said anything unless she thought it was necessary.
      Orgon, from Tyson’s pack, Shardon, From wraths pack, Creach, From Lialis’s pack, and Falla, from Dreams pack, all came up the slope. “We have news.” Falla said in her soft voice. The alphas turned to their pack members curiously. Creach stepped forward to speak. “While on a hunting patrol, we saw a pack of dogs. We didn’t think much of it at first considering there are many dogs that live in this area.” He said in a steady voice. Shardon spoke next. “It wasn’t too weird until we realized there were three packs, and they were traveling together. They each had their own alpha, but the alphas listened to one dog who lead all the packs.” He said.
      “You mean to say, there is an alpha, of alphas around?” Roth asked. The wolves nodded. “Sir, isn’t the last alpha of alpha known, Draco?” Orgon asked Roth. Roth nodded. “He is the only known alpha of alphas. He is the only one to have tried it. “Well our experience with them doesn’t end there. Once we realized he was leading all three packs, we decided to tail him for a while. We kept a safe distance, but what we saw was awful. They went after one of their own kind, a pack of dogs. They destroyed the pack. They separated them, and killed almost all of them. They made sure to leave at least one.” Orgon said.
      Roth and Wrath growled. “This is bad. If he is attacking his own kind, then he really wants to make himself known.” He said. Suddenly, the four pack members jumped to the side alarmed at the smell of blood, and the presence of an unfamiliar wolf. They cleared the way for an injured wolf barley keeping himself upright, and barley alive. Once to the alphas, he collapsed. They stared down at him. “The fifth pack. He has their scent all over him.” Wrath said. The wolf looked up at them sadly. “I……I have a message…….from…… Draco…… He says…… He is coming….. and he will…… fulfill…… the…….prophesy…” He said. “And what of your pack?” Asked Wrath. The wolf shook his head confirming that they would not see the rest of the pack, nor would ever. “Please…. end me….. I can’t….. take it…. the pain….” He said. The alphas looked at one another. They knew the wolf wouldn’t last the night, and he wouldn’t do them any good injured.
      Wrath stepped forward. The other alphas looked wide eyed, surprised he would actually kill another wolf. He leaned his head down to the other wolf. “If that is what you wish, you shall not suffer any more than you have to. May the Great Wolf Pack take you in and reunite you with your own. Rest in peace my friend.” He said. And the alphas saw peace on the wolves face, for that is all he wanted, to be reunited with his pack. The pack members nearby could not watch, neither could Sorra. They all turned away as Wrath pounced on the wolf, and broke his neck. Even Roth seemed uneasy about it, but it was what he wanted.
      Wrath looked over to Lialis. “Help me move him please. He shall be placed in a peaceful spot where he can become one with nature again.” He said. Lialis nodded and the two alphas drug the wolf off into the woods. Roth looked at the members who still stood in shock. There was still a trail of blood from when the wolf first showed up, and one from when he was taken away. “Go warn the other hunting parties of these dog packs, make sure they keep their eyes out. And keep an eye out yourselves. We don’t need another wolf lost.” He said.  They nodded and left.

      Nearly every party had been warned of the dogs. However, one party had strayed too far. Leslie led them trying to find their way back. Topa, from wraths pack, Flair, from lialis’s pack, and Gresh, from Dreams pack were all following Leslie. All were female except Gresh, who led them in the first place and got them lost. Leslie was the only one to know the area well enough to even begin to find their way back, so they followed her and the girls laughed about how the males couldn’t lead as well as them.
      Leslie stopped. “Look over there, a heard of deer. Maybe we should hunt before we go back. After all, if we come back late, and without a kill, we may not be allowed to eat for we wouldn’t have earned it.” She said. The rest nodded in agreement. They were all finding it hard to follow someone, and work with others, that were not of their packs. It was strange to them to be with strangers, and to put their trust in them. However, the alphas gave them rules. If they didn’t work together well enough to find food, then they would not eat. So they were forced to try their hardest to work together.
      They began to circle the deer heard. They had decided beforehand that they would go after the one with the lame back leg. They made sure they could block that one off, and as soon as the deer noticed them, the heard bolted. Gresh managed to cut it off. He jumped in front of it not thinking through what he was doing, and the deer fell over the top of him and when tumbling down. Gresh was almost injured.
      He recovered quickly, but nut quickly enough, for now there was a new played in their little game of hunting. A dog slammed itself into Gresh knocking him back down, and two more pounced on him attacking him. Roughly four dog packs were in the are now. The deer was forgotten, and had gotten away as the wolves fought to fend off the dogs. Leslie moved away trying to escape the teeth of the dogs coming for her. Everything was chaos. Gresh had no chance at surviving. He was being teamed up on by three dogs.
      Topa stood a ways away from them. The dogs hadn’t seen her yet. Her and leslie exchanged looks. Topas asked what to do. Leslies told her to run. Run and get help, or at least make it back. Regret passed topas face for she knew she could not save any of them. She bolted. Leslie thought that maybe she had a chance, until she saw four dogs coming for her. She panicked. She bolted. She ran from them, but they chased her. She got even further away from the den and the pack territory, and just as she felt she couldn’t keep going, her paws hit the ground wrong and she fell.
      All she knew then was pain, and she wished they would just kill her already. She had no chance at fighting. None at all. She prayed to the great wolf pack up in the heavens, that she either live, or die to end the pain, but not suffer like she knew she would. The dogs knew what they were doing. They were avoiding vital spots so she would not die quickly. They bit at her legs and her sides, and once in a while at her neck, but they would not kill her, they just wanted her to suffer until she died, for they knew she was far from home.
      Flair ran. She ran her hardest. She had nearly made it to the river when something caught her tail. A dog had caught her and stopped her with her tail. She let out a yip, but it did her no good for nobody would hear her. In seconds there were five, maybe six dogs on her all at once. There was no escape. She fought them, but it did no good. It just made it hurt worse. She let out a howl that was stopped short by and biting her face to shut her up. She would not get help, and she would not call for help. She was lost as was Gresh, and as was Leslie.
      Topa ran her heart out. A few dogs had picked up her trail but she was too far gone for them to catch her. She bolted past Orgon and his party. They saw the fear in her eyes and the desperation. “Topa wait!” Yelled shardon. He ran off after his pack mate. The rest followed. Finally, she slowed down. She stopped to look at Shardon. “I-they-I-we.” She couldn’t even make comprehensive sentences. “Where is your hunting part?” He asked. Her head and her tail both dropped. “Gone. They are all as good as dead. The dogs, they came on us so quickly. We never saw them coming. There were four packs.” She said.
      “Four? But I thought there was only three.” Orgon said. “Are you sure there were four?” Asked Shardon. She nodded. “They’ve grown.” He said. “C’mon, we need to bring this to the alphas.” Orgon said. None of them knew which wolves where in the part with her. They were afraid to ask, for there was one from each pack, so only Shardons pack would not feel a loss, but the others would.
      They got to the alphas, and they brought her to them. “What happened?” Wrath asked. Topa lowered her head feeling shame as her alpha questioned her. She explained to them how they got lost, and how they decided to hunt while finding their way back. She ended her story with how she ran. She felt ashamed for not staying. “Topa, there is no shame in what you did. Like you said, there is no way any of them lived. You had to save yourself, or nobody would have known what happened to them.” He said.
      This was the first time the other alphas seen Wrath show any compassion, other than when he spoke to the dying wolf. Finally, Roth asked what nobody wanted to hear. “Who was it? Who was with you Topa?” He asked. She dropped her head again. “Flair, Gresh, and Leslie.” She said. Just then, Orgon let out the most awful howl, for Leslie, his sister, was now gone. His howl was full of so much pain, and loss, Roth felt for his member. He wanted to comfort him, but he knew Orgon wouldn’t take comfort. He needed to be alone.
      Creach joined in the howl for Flair. They had been very close, and now she was gone. He knew she would be missed dearly. Falla joined in the howl as well for her dear friend Gresh. Roth, Sorra, Dream, And Lialis joined in next for the loss of their members, the loss of those who were loyal to them. The rest of the wolves joined in afterwards. Although they would not be able to tell who had died, or maybe the death was not in their pack, they still joined in on the chorus, for that is what it was to be a wolf, to feel the pain of the others, to feel the sorrow when your alphas did. As for a spirit wolf, the bond between them was even greater. They would mourn for two suns for their lost, and the hunting parties would all return early, for this loss was a great one, and three packs were now one member down each.

Forest of Secrets Chapter 6

The Encounter

      Five moons had passed and still the dark packs that passed by many times hadn’t gotten close enough to their boundaries to figure out they were there. Or maybe they had known, but they had a reason to avoid it. It was hard to tell, and by now, Kade, Tyson, and Locust, all kept their eyes out for them. Kade was allowed most time in the den though, to be with his pups. There were two males. Crimson had named one Joshua and one Julius. They were white and grey of crimson.
      Tyson walked around anxious about the packs nearby. He would hear bits of their conversations about how they had murdered this pack or killed a dog of that one. They were targeting the wolves as well. They talked about separating wolves from their packs and killing them. Many times they would pass and Tyson would smell blood on them.
      One day, the pack lay around outside the den. They all kept alert, and Tyson was the first to know of the presence close by. He jumped to his paws, flattened his ears, and began to growl. The rest of the pack became alert. Then, he saw him. The alpha of the lead pack that killed ash. The familiar one. He had his pack and only his with him. “Glade, get Tide in the den and stay there.” Tyson growled. She hurried to her single pack member and helped him up. Tides expression showed fear, Glades showed hate, for these were the same dogs who killed Ash, and the rest of their pack. Glade helped Tide limp back to the den.
      Kade stepped up beside Tyson growling. “What have you done with Garnet?” He growled. “Garnet? Oh the dog we took captive. She is safe. For now that is.” Darius said. Kade began to growl. “Brother, it had been a long time.” Darius said. Cana looked from Tyson and Kade to Darius. “Brother?” She asked. Tyson growled once again. “What are you doing Darius? Why must you do this? It is wrong to kill innocence. You were good, and pure once.” He said softening a touch. Kade looked at Tyson. “He is our brother?” He asked.
      “So you’re the one who is Garnet’s brother. I knew she had one, I just never knew who you were. My name is Darius, and I’m sure you now who my father is.” Darius growled. “Why would you follow him? After all he’s done?” Tyson asked. “He has shown me the light. The way of life. You know how much you’ve wanted to follow him. How much the darkness has tempted you brother. For you and I are the same. We both have that edge to kill. To defy everything we know, and to feel the power over others.” He said. “I am nothing like you!’ Tyson growled as he lunged forward at Darius. Both of them now had their back legs on the ground, but their front legs were in the air as they bit and tore at each other.
      Darius’s pack became anxious, but didn’t move. Kade didn’t either. “Kade do something or I will!” Cana yelled. “No. This is their fight, not ours. Stay out of it.” Kade growled at her. She looked shocked at what she had just heard. Tyson finally pulled himself from Darius. Both stood panting and staring at each other with rage in their eyes. Then, Darius seemed to smile. “Tyson, you are just as strong as I remember you. Always showing us up. Father wants you on our side. Consider it, you know you want it.” He said.
      Tyson growled. “Does he think he’s going to get anywhere gathering his children?” Tyson asked. Darius chuckled. “Of course. We will come back for you Tyson, for he wants you more than the rest. IF the rest don’t join, we will kill them. We are moving to Delilah’s pack next, and with her is Felix. Then, we will hunt down Bakira, and if she doesn’t join, father will kill her himself. Then we will come back for you and your Beta. Garnet is our lure to get Bakira out of hiding, for she loves her little sister dearly. Once we have her, we will kill Garnet.” He said.
Tyson growled more. “You are stupid to think you can take us all down.” He said. Darius laughed. “But brother, the Divine dogs are nothing when not together.” He said. Everything went still. Tyson had held his breath for he hoped Darius would not give away his biggest secret. He could feel all eyes on him now, for his pack would not be happy of this news. Finally, he looked up at his brother, his tail raised, and he decided he would feel pride in what he was. “You’re wrong Darius. We don’t need each other, we have our own packs, our own family’s and that is what makes us strong. You will lose.
      “And don’t underestimate Delilah. She is just a good a fighter as we are.” He said. “We’ll see. I will return in five moons to either take you or kill you. You’re choice.” He said. He looked to Kade. “Remember, he doesn’t decide for you. If you want to come, feel free to. You have five moons.” He said. Tyson growled as Darius turned and strode out with his pack in tow. Tyson turned and looked. Cana looked at him with a betrayed look on her face. “Please, let’s talk about this in the den.” He said. She didn’t say anything, just followed as they all retreated into the den.
      Crimson, Glade, Tide, and the pups looked confused as they saw the two omegas, Locust, and Cana giving Tyson a betrayed look. Kade was the only one who stood by him. “Tyson, how could you not tell us you were a divine dog!” Cana growled. “What? Is that possible?” Crimson asked. Tyson lowered his head. “Cana, I’m sorry, but I knew you would react just like this had I ever told you.” He said. “Divine dog? So what, you have been lying to your own pack this whole time?” She asked. Kade jumped forward to defend his brother. “All of you quit looking at him that way. Tyson didn’t tell you for good reason.
      “He wanted you to look at him like you would any other wolf. And besides, he doesn’t have to tell anyone anything about his past. Just because you are his pack, does not entitle you to know everything about him.” He growled. “You’re no better! You are one too!” Cana yelled. Kade growled “I am not a divine dog. I am related to them, but I am not one. I don’t even know if I have abilities like them, and I was never part of the divine dogs pack. It is just a title not a species or breed.” He growled.
      “you’re still no better.” Cana said sadly. Tyson finally managed to speak again. “Fine Cana, you try having a father who killed your mother. Try having a father who only cared about you following him someday not that we were happy. Try having a father who may very well have started the dog versus wolf war, and then try to face it and not want to hide from it. Because I can’t stand what happened. My sister died because of that horrid dog, and now he has plans to kill the rest of them. Think about how we feel before you go pitying yourself for not knowing something you were never apart of. This is not your war, and you did not have to live that past, so before you judge us, think of yourself first.” He said.
      Cana stood frozen. Never had Tyson spoke to Cana like that. They had been close friends from the start, but now she had angered him, and although she felt betrayed, so did he. She turned on him far too quickly for him to feel her loyal any more. Then, Dawson spoke up. “That isn’t possible. The divine dogs story is older than I am. Tyson should be dead by now if that were true.” He said. Tyson lowered his head. “I am much older than I appear. I am actually fifteen seasons old.” He said.
      They all stood shocked. “There’s no way. You look so young.” She said. “I am much older. We progressed a bit slower, but that is because we live to be much older. My father is around nineteen seasons old.” He said. “Well I don’t care who you are, Kade is my mate, and Tyson will always be my alpha. I will never turn my back on them.” Crimson said. “They saved our lives. I know Ash would not have turned on you, so I won’t either.” Glade said. Tide nodded in agreement. Rie’s expression changed. He lowered his head in shame. “You let me stay in the pack. I have no reason to hate you.” He said.
      “Me too. Sorry for judging you so quickly.” Dawson said. Locust stepped forward. “You trusted me with things I am not worthy of being trusted for. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge either.” He said. Cana looked around to realize she was out numbered. She lowered her tail and her head but instead of apologizing, she bolted from the den. Dawson was bout to go after her. “Don’t. Let her go. She will come back when she is ready.” Said Tyson. He nodded and did not go after her.
      “So what about Darius. He said he would come back in five moons. What should we do?” Kade asked. Tyson looked at him for a moment. “We may have to leave. We will wait till four moons to make a final decision. They way Crimsons pups will be old enough to leave.” He said. Kade nodded in agreement. The next few suns, the dogs were uneasy. None spoke of the divine dogs, nor would they even try. Tide’s neck had healed up nicely, but the injury on his leg only got worse, and that worried the pack. Glade was feeling guilty for resenting him, and wanted nothing more than for him to survive. Now Tyson knew something must be done. He bagan to prepare for the worst.

Forest of Secrets Chapter 5

Ash's Pack

      Tyson couldn’t sleep. He was restless all night, and finally he decided he could not sleep. He got up and wandered out of the den. The night was warm and the stars twinkled. He walked a ways into the woods with many thoughts running through his head. That’s when the scent passed by his muzzle. He tensed at the familiar scent. He whirled around to find the source, but there was nothing. He wanted to growl but would not give himself away. Then, he felt it. The paws walking on the earth nearby.
      He dived behind the nearest bit of vegetation he could to conceal himself and watched as many more scents went by him. Only two did he recognize. Then, he smelled it. Blood. One of them laughed wickedly. “Those dogs had no idea what was about to come to them. Though I wish they hadn’t all scattered so quickly. Then maybe they would have all perished just like that little one.” One of them laughed. Then, he heard a familiar voice, but it was colder than he had ever heard it before. “You fool! If we kill them all, then there is nobody to warn the rest that we are here.” He growled.
      Tyson could feel the wolf pressing himself onto the ground cowering to get away from the hateful voice. “But don’t we want them to not know we are here?” He asked. Without another word, another dog pounced. Tyson heard a breaking sound as the dog who was speaking had its neck broken brutally. It made a thud as it was dropped. There was a sigh. The familiar voice came again. “He was actually a good fighter. But now he’s dead. That’s another dog I have to replace now.” He said almost annoyed.
      There was a growl, and then a second familiar voice. “Do you question my judgment Daruis?” it asked almost mockingly. “Of course not, but-.“ He never finished as he was shoved into the earth and his neck bit. Tyson heard a small whine, and then smelled a hint of fresh blood besides the blood of the dogs they killed, and the dog they had just killed. The blood also had a familiar scent. “There are no buts, you do as I say, and do not question me. You may lead this pack, but I lead all the packs in the end. Do you hear me?” He asked coldly.
      “Yes.” Darius said. The other wolf let him go. “What are you looking at? Get a move on!” He shouted to the pack. Tyson wondered at first why he yelled so loudly for one pack, and then he smelled it. Two other packs were close by. He was yelling to them all, and they all were following the lead pack. Tyson stayed very still as they passed. Once they were past, he went to the clearing to investigate. He sniffed some blood that one of the wolves left behind from their earlier kill. It was just as he feared. The blood was Ash’s blood. Ash was the alpha of a neighboring pack. They were very close packs for a long time hence the reason Ash sent someone to warn Tyson’s pack. He now worried that Ash would not be alive.
      Tyson looked back at his pack territory and thought about Crimson and the worry on her face. He would tell Kade everything, but only if Kade promised not to say anything to the rest, which he knew he could manage. He didn’t want to worry the rest of his pack about the three packs traveling nearby. They should be fine if they were not found out. He whined quietly worried for Ash.

      The next morning, Tyson was up bright and early. He got the pack, excluding Crimson and the pups, together. “Cana, I need you to take Rie and Dawson and go hunting while I take Kade and Locust to go hunting.” He said. “But with the warning we got, shouldn’t we stay in a large group rather than two small ones?” She asked. “Small ones are easier to miss than one large group. And besides, Rie and Dawson need a skilled hunter like you with your patience to teach them. We will meet back here no later than sundown.” He said.
      Cana nodded although it was a strange request. Tyson led the other two out and they began to walk, not track. Kade noticed right away that something was up. Tyson had decided to trust Locust considering how much he wanted to prove himself, and it would be dangerous to go with just two. “We aren’t hunting are we?” Kade asked. “Promise neither of you will say anything to the rest of the pack. Not until we have to. I don’t want everyone in a panic.” He said. Both nodded.
      Tyson told them of the packs passing through. He didn’t say anything about how familiar they were or that he knew two of them. He left that part out for good reason. Kade would understand for sure, but Locust would not. “So where are we going then?” Asked Kade. “We are going to Ash’s pack. He is a longtime friend of ours so we must see if he’s okay. The dog blood I smelled….. it was Ashe’s.” Tyson said. They all fell silent.
      They finally neared the edge of the pack territory. They walked in cautiously. There were no sounds and no movements. Tyson was starting to feel worried to find that his friend was not there, and if he wasn’t in his own territory, there was a reason. They crept closer and Tyson slipped into the Den with the other two in tow. He heard a low growl. The growl was not angry as much as it was fearful. “its okay, it’s Tyson and two of my pack members. I am not here to hurt anyone.” He said as he rounded the corner he froze in shock. Tide, the young dog they had met earlier was on his side. He didn’t seem to be moving until Tyson saw his side rise slightly and fall again. His neck was red with blood, and his leg looked injured badly. Ash was also there. His side was torn up badly and he was still bleeding. His mate Glade sat at his side growling at them until she saw Tyson and her growling ceased.
      “How many did you lose?” He asked. “Our healer, Lola, she would have known what to do had they not tore out her throat. And Sparrow our new omega. She just learned to hunt too.” She said sadly. Kade pushed past Tyson looking around frantically. “Garnet, where is she?” He asked. Glade looked up them sadly. “They took her with them. I don’t know why. They seemed to have known her.” She said. Kade began to growl. “How dare they? How dare they take my sister?” He growled even more. Tyson looked at Kade. “It’s okay, we’ll find her.” He said. “Find her! They will probably have killed her by now. And besides, we need to think of our own pack.” He said.
      “No. We need to think of our friends as well.” Tyson said. “I don’t want to stay here. I am alone as a fighter Tyson. They might not even survive, and even if they do, they can’t defend themselves.” Glade said. Tyson thought for a moment. “Wait until sundown. Wait to see if they get better or worse. If they don’t recover enough we will bring you all back to our den.” Tyson said. “But Tyson, we barley have room for ourselves.” Locust said. “I know, but they have helped us in the past so we will help them.” He said.

      That day, Ash died. Glade had mourned for him, and had not wanted to leave, but they insisted she leave her mate for nature to run its course and take him back to the earth. Tide had woken up, and they helped him to his paws and he limped all the way back to Tyson’s territory. Now he would have to tell the pack everything. Upon entering the territory, Crimson wagged her tail happily to see Kade only to stop wagging it when she saw the sadness on his face. Cana ran to help Tide, for the small time he was with their pack she had taken a liking to him. Once they got them inside, the whole pack gathered around including their guests.
      Tyson told them everything. Crimson’s anxiety came back especially because they could hardly feed themselves and now there was another two dogs with them one who couldn’t fight for himself. Tyson tried to reassure her but it didn’t go well. Several suns passed, and Tide had gotten better. Glade had almost resented him for surviving when Ash did not.
      The day had finally come. The whole pack filed out of the den, and that is where they would be until Crimson was ready for them to go back in. Kade had to stay outside as well, but he didn’t mind as long as he could stay in the doorway and keep watch. Tyson took everyone else excluding Tide, on a hunt. Even Moth and Crow came along.
It was their first hunt, and although they didn’t catch anything themselves, they watched the pack do so. Glade fell right in line. Ash led Glade even though she was an alpha too. She preferred to follow so it wasn’t too hard for her to take orders from Tyson. Tyson knew the pups would have to start hunting with them and become hunters as soon as possible. Rie and Dawson actually made progress and Tyson praised them for their hard work. Then, he praised Cana for teaching them so well.
      Now she was focusing on the pups teaching. The pack might actually pull through after all. They came back with enough meat for everyone, even Crimson. They sent Cana in who came back out right after giving the meat to Crimson. Two more suns passed and every dog stayed outside the den. It was freer anyways considering how crowded the den had become. Finally, they heard Crimson. “Kade, come in please.” She said. He looked happily at the pack and then walked into the den. She was lying against the back wall and he looked down at her belly where two pups suckled. He saw Crimson looking away and followed her gaze to the three dead pups. “I hope this isn’t an omen.” She said.
      He walked to her and licked her head. “At least we have two. It’s better than none.” He said. She licked his fur in his shoulder. “True. Please bury them and then bring in Moth and crow.” She said. He nodded and did so. Moth and crow were so happy to see the two pups but lots interest quickly because they didn’t do much. Then Tyson and Cana were brought in to see them. Cana licked Crimsons head happily. “Congratulations.” Tyson said feeling strange again because they had pups before the alpha did.
      Next Locust and the two omegas came in. They shared their happiness for the pups too. Lastly, Tide, limping at Glade’s side, came in. Glade was happy for her, but didn’t show it much considering the losses she just suffered. Tide was just happy to be able to lie down again without having to get up for a while. The on his leg had started bleeding again, and the wound on his neck was slightly infected. Cana lay down next to him and Glade and the girls began to lick his wounds while he whined softly. Tyson got up and left the den in need of some fresh air.
      He walked to the edge of the den. The scents of the wolves that killed most of Ash’s pack were near again, and they were very fresh. They were traveling by in the daytime this time. He sat by the den entrance to keep watch. And that’s where he felt safest.
Forest of Secrets Chapter 5
Chapter 5! I was only a little reluctant to whire in what happened to Ash. In my head he was a decent character but hey, you gotta have drama somewhere.

Forest of Secrets Chapter 4


      The pack settled around in a circle again. It had been a day since Moth and Crow were told the story of Draco, and ever since they had begged to hear more until Tyson finally agreed to it. The pups sat in the middle of the circle facing Cana. Cana faced them back, and the rest of the pack sat in a circle around the pups. Both were anxious to hear more to Draco’s story.
      “We ended last at Draco ending his reign as pack leader. He had run his own pack out after they turned against him for killing his own mate. But, remember, Draco still had a litter of pups. There were five of them. At first the pack had gathered and made an attempt to run themselves. They took Dracos pups and tried to hide them from him so they could live the rest of their lives never knowing him. However, this infuriated Draco. It wasn’t that he cared about his pups as much as he hated his own pack winning.
      “Draco hunted down the pack and one by one killed them off. He eventually finished off the last ones and reclaimed his pups. The pups were very glad to see him for they missed him.” He said. “Missed him? But he killed there mother.” Moth said. “Yes he did, but they were young, and he was still their father.” She said. Moth nodded in understanding. Draco raised his pups until they could fend for themselves, and then abandoned them. He had no need to stay. No name is known except one of the pups, and that was Bakira. She was the smartest and bravest of them all.” Said Cana.
      She became their leader right away. Before too long, everyone was accustom to listening to her, and they all enjoyed it. She was very kind, and had made a vow to never attack anyone. For a while, nobody knew anything about them. They were just a pack of dogs to everyone, but before too long, they became known to all dogs. Each had an individual power. The power of earthquakes, future sight, fire wielding, weather control, and lastly the most powerful one of all, mind control which fell to Bakira. She had all the rest of the powers too though. She had many, many powers beyond belief that she inherited from Draco.
“However, she refused to use these powers unless for the purpose of good. Before anyone even knew their names, they set out on a mission to help anyone in need. They warded off humans, saved dogs and wolves from natural disasters, and healed many others. They became known quickly as the Divine Dogs. Their powers made them more capable of helping others than any other dog. But their reign as the saviors of dog and wolfkind came to an end far too quickly. Draco their father was still out there, and he was plotting.
      “Some say it was for the purpose of getting his children out of the spotlight as gods, and others say it was just out of pure hatred, but he had killed a wolf for no reason. But this wasn’t any wolf. It was a spirit wolf..” Cana said. “What’s a spirit wolf?” Crow asked amazed. “A spirit wolf is a wolf sent down by the wolf gods to be a warrior on earth. This is where our stories cross paths with the wolves stories. The wolf Draco killed was one in a pack of the eight wolf packs. Over time of course the number supposedly dwindled and there are said to be no more now.
      “But anyways, Draco killed one of their wolves, and they were furious. This is supposedly the reason dogs and wolves don’t get along. The wolves blamed all dogs for it. But Bakira and the Divine dogs showed up right when the wolf pack retaliated. In fear that they would see their father die, Bakira ran to her father’s aid and jumped in to the fight. In their rage, the wolves hadn’t seen Draco slip away. He saw them attacking his daughter and ran rather than helped her. By the time her siblings came to help it was too late.
      “Bakira had fallen. The wolves were satisfied for they saw it as an eye for an eye, and they walked away, but not without hate for the dogs. They decided then that no dog would be trusted. Bakiras siblings came to her side. They were devastated. They stood over her body and cried, and as they cried, their powers mixed with their tears and sadness did something amazing. They brought Bakira back from the dead.” Cana said.
      “Whoa.” The pups said. “Why would Draco do that? That’s so awful! Bakira was just trying to save him!” Crow yelled. “Yeah! He should have been the one to die.” Moth said. Cana smiled warmly at them. “Relax, it’s just a story. Nobody knows if they ever really existed.” She said. Crow smiled. “Well I vow right now to never be like him and to protect my sister always!” He yelled. Moth licked her brothers ear. “And I vow to protect you too.” She said. He smiled awkwardly at her.
      “So is that the end?” Asked moth. “Almost. You see after the divine dogs brought back their sister, she felt ashamed for what she had done. She felt like it was her fault and if they continued the divine dogs that they would only fail in the end. She ran off far into the mountains where only one of her siblings, the ones she was closest to, knows where she is. The rest of them parted ways unable to decide what to do or who should lead. They all joined different packs and none of the divine dogs were ever heard from again.” She Said.
      “That’s an awful ending.” Moth said. “It is, but it’s the stories we learned as pups.” Said Kade. Just then, they heard pawsteps and all turned alarmed to the sound. Their whole pack was present, so that meant someone was intruding. Tyson was on his paws quickly. His fur bristles and he began to growl. “Apologies Tyson. I don’t mean to intrude, but there is important news from my pack, and it’svery urgent that you hear it sooner than later.” A young male wolf said. “Why are you?” Tyson asked. The wolf didn’t answer, just waited.
      Tyson scented the air. Recognition crossed his face. “You’re from Ash’s pack aren’t you?” Tyson asked relaxing slightly. “Yes, and Ash sent me with news. I know you don’t know me, but I don’t mean any harm.” He said. “Alright, then speak of what you are here for if it’s so urgent.” He said. “Very well. All day yesterday, we heard strong wolf howls. Howls that sounded impossible for any animal to make. We sent someone to investigate. She came back with news of wolf packs convening. There are three in one place from what we heard and at least one other on their way there.
      “We don’t know why they are grouping together, but they don’t seem like normal wolves. They are smarter, stronger, and overall more intimidating. They have been howling to each other all day to give each other a location. We think there might be a second pack on their way as well but if there is they are far away.” He said. “That is very strange. But why is this important?” Tyson asked. “Because, a nearby pack had a member of theirs overhear a future seeing wolf give a prophesy to another wolf, and then, the next day they used their powerful and impossible howl to call the rest. You may not believe in superstition, but we felt it was best to warn you that something may be coming, and that you should be prepared.” He said.
      Tyson stared thoughtfully for a moment. “Do you know what the prophesy was?” He asked. The other dog shook his head. We only got bits of what it was about. Only what the alpha could remember from what the other dog had told him. It mentioned a war between dogs and wolves.” He said. Yes but that war is bound to come anyways.” Tyson said. “It mentioned something else. But that’s the superstitious part. It seems sort of crazy though.” He said.
      “Well what is it?” Tyson growled. “Well it mentioned the return of the divine dogs and the spirit wolves. Supposedly they will return, and they will end up in the war.” He said. Tysons whole body went rigid and it didn’t go unnoticed. He nodded to the dog. “Thank you. You may stay here a night if you wish, and be off tomorrow. I will be sure to take into account what you have said.” Tyson said. The other dog nodded. “Thank you. I will sleep outside and give your pack privacy. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about.” He said.
      Back in the den, the pack huddled together trying to be quiet. “But Tyson, you don’t really believe that the divine dogs and spirit wolves exist do you?” Cana asked. He looked down. “I don’t know Cana. I think it’s always possible.” He said. He looked up again and at his pack. The omegas all seemed nervous, but then he saw the nervous look on Crimsons face. He could tell she was worried. “It’s okay Crimson, no matter what happens, we will protect your pups.” He said. She looked at him anxiously. “I just pray we won’t be forced to leave the territory. Who knows when they will come.” She said. Tyson nodded. “I understand your concern. We will only leave if absolutely possible.” He said.
      The next day the other dog, who they learned was named Tide, left for his own pack. Tyson’s pack became very anxious after the warning. Cana felt it was silly for him to worry about superstition, but she saw that even Kade was anxious, even though he didn’t seem the type to believe something so absurd. Crimson was just overall afraid. She could feel something wrong. Something terribly wrong, and it made her all that more anxious.


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I will be posting my original story Enter the dragon. It is complete with 41 chapters all 3-4 pages long each and has a prologue and an epilogue. I will be posting anime style pictures either drawn by hand or done on a base, of my characters from my story. When I am done posting the story, (Either weekly intervals or just however many I want to post and whenever I have time or the want to post them.) I will try my best to update weekly if that means I add four chapters in one week , or one chapter in one week. It all depends on what mood i'm in and if I am willing to take the time to do all the HTML for it.

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I will probably be writing more stories other than my Enter the Dragon story. If you like my story, feel free to tell me and look forward to more of my supernatural style stories in the future. (Oh and I can get really immature sometimes and feel the need to roleplay as wolves, dogs cats, and I sometimes but rarely start writing a story about those.)

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